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Worldwide, food is the spice of life! Our guests are always looking for new culinary experiences to excite their tastebuds and generate lifelong memories.

Click below to discover more about the flavorful experiences we offer, from the authentic Mexican food tour of Naples to an immersive "slow travel" experience in Oaxaca, the foodie capital of Mexico!

About Us

Hey! I'm Liz, and I met my husband JC while we were serving together in the U.S. Navy. We traveled all over the world, and I am continuing my own journey through Mexico and Central America.

Here in Southwest Florida, I have launched the area's very first "taco tour". I grew up in the Midwest, and had never tasted authentic Mexican or Cuban food until JC brought me to his favorites. From his childhood growing up in Naples, he knew where to find the best dishes. Through the authentic Mexican food tour, I share them with you!

After 18 months in business, I went on a TRULY authentic, life-changing "slow travel" week in Oaxaca, Mexico. I've now partnered with the locals there to provide you with a similar, customizable experience. Visit "The Oaxaca Experience" tab to learn more.

Finally... coming soon! Bonita Brews and Bites Tour will lead you through the quaint central area of Bonita Springs, where you'll visit award-winning breweries and food trucks.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to eat with you soon!



“What a fun afternoon! Elizabeth was an excellent tour guide, prompt, a pleasant conversationalist and a great resource for local Mexican food. Her communication prior to and during the tour ensured a very fun excursion. She met us at a convenient location, drove safely to all of our four eateries and guided us through our menu choices. We let her do all the ordering and were not sorry, she knows good food. She took us to neighborhood restaurants that we would have never found on our own, in fact we had previously thought we'd exhausted our Mexican options in the area only to be very pleasantly surprised at the quaint locations and delicious food she introduced us to.”

Tracy C.

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